Why switch to Payroll4?

Still not sure if you should switch to Payroll4? Here are 13 reasons why.

Privacy and security

With Payroll4 your payroll administration is not on the internet (the Cloud), but on your own computer. That way only you have access to personal data and salaries. With Payroll4, this confidential data can therefore not be viewed by website administrators, developers, marketers, tax authorities, or hackers.

100% reliable

More than 100 checks are carried out by Payroll4 to ensure that you are running a correct payroll administration. And 20 years of experience and thousands of users of Payroll4 guarantee the correct salary calculation in every situation.

quick start
Quick start

With the revolutionary user environment of Payroll4 you can work quickly, easily and accurately. Answering questions in Wizards makes tasks such as entering company details, adding employees and new wage codes very easy.


save time
Save a lot of time

Do you spend hours every month on an awkward website, or e-mailing work hours to an external administrator? Thanks to the unrivaled user-friendliness of Payroll4, you can do that in just minutes.

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save money
Save a lot of money

Payroll4 does not need expensive marketing and sales teams with beautiful stories, so you do not have to pay for that.

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free updates
Always up-to-date

Thanks to the AutoUpdate module in Payroll4, your program is automatically updated within 24 hours of any change in legislation or regulations.


Payroll4 has all possible reports. You can print the reports, save them digitally, or, for example, send salary slips and payroll tax cards directly to the employees from Payroll4. You can also easily create the electronic wage summary and bulk banking orders for online banking with Payroll4.

Online Course Payroll4

With our Online Course you will have a Payroll4 payroll administration set up within 1 hour.

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Satisfied employees

When you use Payroll4 you can make adjustments to the payroll administration until the last day of payment. So your employees will always receive the correct payment of their wages.

Satisfied companies

Thanks to the feedback from our thousands of satisfied and loyal customers, we continue to develop Payroll4 to meet new business needs.

Human Resource Management

With Payroll4 you have a complete HRM solution. For example, the tracking of vacation, illness, and time back are a standard part of Payroll4.

try for free
Free trial

Download and install Payroll4 now and try it out for 2 months free and without obligation. This gives you the opportunity to compare salary slips and to set up your payroll administration completely before you switch.

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support options
The best support

No company offers more support options. Only with Payroll4 you can get answers 7 days a week. Support is free in most cases, so there are no unexpected costs.

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