Why switch to Payroll4?

Still not sure if you should switch to Payroll4? Here are 14 reasons why.

100% reliable

More than 20 years of experience and thousands of Payroll4 users guaranty the correct payroll calculations in all situations. With Payroll4 you no longer have to worry about those annoying tax reassessments for the employees and the employer.

quick start
Quick start

Getting started is easy with the revolutionary user interface. By answering simple questions in Wizards you can easily create new companies, add employees, or define new wage codes.

save time
Save time

Using Payroll4 not only saves time compared to other programs, but also compared to outsourcing your payroll. Where every month you used to spend many hours with outdated payroll software, or communicating with an outside payroll company, you will spend less than half that time with Payroll4. It's all about user friendliness in Payroll4.

save money
Save money

No monthly fees. No yearly fees. Many ask us how we can sell Payroll4 so much cheaper. The answer is simple: Payroll4 is modern program that is running on your own computer. By making use of the latest developments in software and internet we have developed a very efficient program indeed.

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Privacy and security

Your data resides on your own computer and is thus fully protected against prying eyes and hacks from unauthorized persons.

free updates
Always up-to-date

Tax and premiums can change. Not only at the beginning of the year, but also during the year. Thanks to AutoUpdate an update will usually be available to you within 24 hour after a change in the law or regulation. This eliminates the possibility of outdated calculations.


The program contains all possible reports for you to print, or store digitally. You can print the monthly tax return completely filled in and ready to submit. You may even sent reports like payslips en tax cards directly from Payroll4 to the employees via email. Furthermore, the digital wage summary and bank orders for online banking can be sent via the internet

Satisfied employees

A good payroll system is part of good Human Resource Management (HRM). Employees expect and are entitled to clear and correct payment of their salaries. If you use Payroll4 you easily can make changes up to the last day of payout. No need to disappoint your employees.

Satisfied companies

Why is Payroll4 by far the most used payroll software? Thanks to loyal and satisfied customers. It has been the best selling program for many years now and is still in development. Using customer feedback we are able to continuously update the software, because a satisfies customer is our best advertisement.

try for free
Free trial

Download and install the full program and try it for 2 months at no cost and no obligation. That will give you the opportunity to compare payslips and to setup the complete payroll system before the new year starts.

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introduction sessions
Introduction session

Every Wednesday morning from 08:00 till 10:00 hour you can attend a Payroll4 introduction session organized by IFB Consulting to get to know the software. Participation is free of charge.

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Import employee data

Payroll4 includes several import modules to convert your old payroll system to Payroll4. In many cases you will be able to automatically import employee data in Payroll4 so there is no need to enter all the employees again.

support options
The best support

In the unlikely event you do need assistance we provide many support options. Support is free in most cases so there are no unexpected extra costs.

All support options

Switching service

Need help? At regular hourly rates we can arrange the complete switch to Payroll4 for you. An experienced payroll administrator will visit and setup your administration and assist the person that will do the payroll as long as is required.

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