Electronic Wage Summary

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Electronic Wage Summary
« on: June 12, 2013, 04:45:26 PM »

The Wage Summary ("Verzamelloonstaat") must be submitted electronically.


The Tax Inspector requires that the yearly wage summary is submitted online, or on a USB drive in a CSV (or XML for Aruba) file format.


1) Start Payroll4
2) Click on "Employees & Wages"
3) Click on "Report"
4) Select the tax year
5) Click on "Report"
6) Select the report "Year Declarations"> "Electronic Wage Summary"
7) Click "OK"
8) Follow the steps in "The Wage Sheet Wizard" to create the CVS (or XML) file.
9) Deliver the CSV file in the way that the tax office stipulates.

Despite the fact that Article 45 (also referred to as Article 56) has nothing to do with the payroll, the inspection wants you to include the Article 45 cards with the wage summary.
To add the Article 45 data to the CSV (or XML) file:

1) Create the CSV (or XML) file as shown in steps 1 true 8
2) Download and run the electronic verzamelloonstaat of the tax office
3) Import the CSV (or XML) file from Payroll4 into the electronic verzamelloonstaat of the tax office
4) Add the Article 45 data
5) Create (or Export) a CSV (or XML) file with the electronic verzamelloonstaat of the tax office

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