You want to move the program

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You want to move the program
« on: November 18, 2008, 04:49:54 PM »

You want to move or re-install the program.


The program may be reinstalled in the following circumstances:

1) The computer or harddisk is being replaced by a new one.
2) The computer harddisk was reformatted.
3) The location of the program is changed to a shared network location for multiuser access.


To install a new copy of the program and to transfer your data to the new copy of the program, follow these steps:

STEP1:Make a backup of your data on the old program using the Backup Wizard.

1.1. Start the old copy of the program.
1.2. Click on Backup to start the Backup Wizard and click on Next.
1.3. A list will appear with all the files that will be backed up. Click on Next.
1.4. Select a destination for the backup file. For example: Memory Stick. Not  a CD-Rom!
1.5. Click on Next to create the backup.
1.6. Click Finish to close the Backup Wizard.

If you no longer have access to the program, you can always use your last automatic backup. You will find this in the (cloud) drive that you have set up in the Backup Wizard. This is usually OneDrive, DropBox, or GoogleDrive.

Did your old PC/harddisk crash and you don't have a Payroll 4 backup file? Click here.

STEP2:Install the new copy of the program.

2.1. Download the program via the website: Download

Only if your computer is not yet installed with Microsoft Access you will be directed to download a version of Microsoft Access Runtime from the website. After the installation of Microsoft Access Runtime you must restart the installation.

2.2. The installation Wizard gives you the choice of three languages. Select your language and click on Next.
It is recommended to close all other programs during the installation of new software. It is necessary that you have the necessary privileges to install new software and to use it.

2.3. The standard database location is displayed. Click on Next, or click on Browse to select a different location, for example a shared folder on a local area netwerk (LAN).

If you decide to install on a LAN for multi-user access then the network must have a shared folder location (for example: H:\shared data\ or \\pc4\data\) with full access rights for the users. Ask your system administrator to create this shared folder if none exist. See also: Installation on a shared network folder

2.4. Click on Install.
2.5. Click on Finish and the program will start.

STEP3:Restore the backup on the new program with the Restore Wizard.

3.1. Click on Company info & Options (Payroll4).

Close the "New company Wizard" when it opens.

3.2. Click on Restore to start the Restore Wizard and click on Next.
3.3. Click on Browse and select the backup file.
3.4. Click on Next.
3.5. Select the company that you want to restore.
3.6. Click on Next to restore the backup.

STEP4:Request a new registration number with the Registration Wizard. There is no cost to you.

4.1. Click below on Register Now.
4.2. Click on Registrer now.
4.3. Click on I Accept after reading the license agreement.

Only after submitting the registration form and after receiving a new registration number for this new copy of the Payroll 4 program you may enter the new registration number now.

4.4. Click on Next.
4.5. Fill in the requested information and click on Next.
4.6. Click on the link to register via the website.
4.7. Select as payment method  "Reregistration".
4.8. Click on Submit
4.9. After approval of your reregistration you will receive your new registration number which you can now enter in the Registration Wizard. The old registration number will be invalidated. There is no charge for the new registration number.

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