AOV monthly maximum exceeded

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AOV monthly maximum exceeded
« on: May 09, 2013, 11:29:41 AM »
The AOV premium withheld exceeds the maximum AOV premium per month.

According to the law and the tax inspector, there is NO maximum premium AOV per month, but only a maximum per year.

By default Payroll4 applies this yearly AOV maximum. When reaching this maximum Payroll4 automatically stops withholding AOV premium.

It is possible to force the program to apply a "monthly maximum":

1) Start Payroll4
2) Click Employees & Wages
3) Select the employee
4) Click the Wage tab
5) Change in AOV Max option from Year into Period

During the process you will receive a warning for the use of this option. Its use is at your own risk and is may cause you to get an retrospective assessment.

As a one-time special reward will always be calculated using the correct percentage.