The pros and cons of kinsena (bi-weekly)

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The pros and cons of kinsena (bi-weekly)
« on: July 18, 2018, 05:36:52 AM »
Kinsena vs. Monthly

It is possible to pay the employees per kinsena (every 2 weeks) instead of monthly. Before you decide to opt for kinsena, look at the pros and cons.


1) Instead of 12 times a year, you have to do the payroll administration 26 times a year. This includes: entering overtime and other mutations, processing salaries, checking, printing or e-mailing slips and doing the bank transfers.

2) Tax and premiums must be declared monthly. As a result, you have some months with 2 kinsenas and some months with 3 kinsenas that you have to add together and pay.

3) Some years have 53 weeks. In those years you have to do an extra run to pay half a kinsena at the end of the year.

4) It is not always clear when week 1 starts exactly. Sometimes that can be in December of the previous year. There are also those that believe the start a week is on Sunday, instead of the standard wich is Monday (NEN 2772 / ISO 8601).

5) Employees have payment obligations, such as rent, water and electricity, subscriptions, etc. that have to be done monthly.


There exists no good reason for using kinsena (bi-weekly).
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