Data is missing after update

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Data is missing after update
« on: September 11, 2009, 04:36:02 AM »

After installing an update all the old data is missing and possibly the program request you to register again.


During installation you can choose to update an existing installation (recommend), or to do a complete new installation.

If you want to update the existing installation you only have to click on "Next".

However, by selecting "Create a new installation", you have made the choice NOT to update.
Furthermore, by clicking on "Browse" you have selected a new folder for your completly new installation.

Instead of updating your existing installation of Payroll4 you have installed a new installation at a new location and thus you will no longer see your old data. You have now successfully created a new clean installation.


If you don't want a completely new clean installation after all and would rather continue working with the previous existing data, then do as follows to rectify your mistake:
1) Search where Payroll4 was originally installed (Search for the file "payroll4log.txt")
2) Use Windows Explorer to go the folder
3) Run "Workstation-setup.exe
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