Payroll4 is blocked after update

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Payroll4 is blocked after update
« on: January 22, 2010, 02:09:15 PM »

After installing an update you receive the message that the registration number is no longer valid and that the copy of Payroll4 is blocked. You are no longer able to process payrolls.

Cause 1

In the past months you decided to install a copy of the program on an other computer. Because the license is for only 1 (one) system, you sent us a reregistration to transfer the license from the first computer to the new computer.

In response you received a new registration number for the new copy of the program. You have received confirmation that the registration number for the old copy would be invalidated. After performing the update the old copy can no longer be used, because the license is now on the other computer.


There are 3 possible solutions:

OPTION 1: You may purchase a second license for the old copy of the program so you can continue working with 2 copies of the program. You pay the price for a second license.

Select your payment method on the registration form.

OPTION 2: Request to undo the reregistration of the new copy of the program and to unlock the old copy. We will charge you only administration costs to unlock the old copy and lock the new copy.

1. Start Payroll4
2. Click on "Register now"
3. Click on "I Accept"
4. Click on "next
5. Click on "Click here to register via the Internet"
6. Select on the website the payment method "Other"
7. Enter a comment, for example:"I request to undo my previous reregistration and to unlock my old copy of the program"
8. Click on "Submit".

OPTIE 3: Continue working on the new copy only. The old copy remains blocked and there are no costs.

These are the ONLY options available. A normal "reregister" is NOT an option. Calling us is NOT an option.

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Cause 2

You have an outstanding invoice that has not yet been paid.


Pay the invoice and contact us.
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